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      Eating Healthy Foods
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           ' Food Basics
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           ' Food Shopping
           ' Food Preparation
    Now Your Cooking! - Cookbook
    Learning About Money
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         ' Banking Skills
         ' Spending Plans
         ' Understanding Credit
    Handling Money
    Consumer Education

 Welcome to the Basic Skills For Living Website


Basic Skills for Living is a website that provides online resources for consumers, learners and educators on topics related to:
  • Eating Healthy Foods
  • Learning about Money

Manitoba Home Economists created this site as a community outreach project to promote functional literacy. These resources provide information and educational modules on adult literacy and life skills.

Follow the links on the side bar to view these materials. The overview pages provide a quick reference for links to activity sheets, resource sheets and fact sheet information. In the Now You’re Cooking! Cookbook, links
to recipes are located in the Table of Contents.

Educators will find Literacy Stages One—Three indicated in the educational modules as a guideline for learner reading levels.

Newsletters are  provided online giving updates about resources and related  website links.  See Newsletters for further information.

The resources on this website have been developed with
funding support from the National Literacy Secretariat,
Human Resources Development Canada.


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